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Business card design in photoshop

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Business card

Business card design in photoshop

Hello everyone, This post about business card design. I am share here with everyone about this business card design. Everyone can be learn from that post about adobe photoshop, business card design, business card concept, color macing, color combination, color management, polygon tool, text tool in photoshop, qr code, logo design, business card design idea, photoshop tools etc.


How can you learn this business card design?

First need adobe photoshop software. I am use adobe photoshop CS6 for that business card design. You can use Adobe photoshop CS or CC 2018 or latest version for this business card design.

This is a very easy business card design.

Just follow my instruction below:

  1. First active adobe photoshop on your pc,
  2. Create a page 3.5 inch width and 2 inch height,
  3. Then make bleed area and safe zone,
  4. For perfectly learn this design, you can watch video tutorial about this business card,
  5. Mockup download. Click here


Watch video tutorial below for learn perfectly this business card design-

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